Good onboarding is good business

Onboarding is the discipline of receiving and integrating new employees. To successfully onboard new employees they should be integrated across six dimensions, combining training, team meetings, one-to-one dialogue, and work assignments in a fast, effective, and structured onboarding process. The desired outcome is that your employees feel settled and part of a larger team. In turn, this enables them to perform and provide value to the organization. This is what we call structured onboarding.

Successfully onboarded employees

stay longer.

are more involved.

create faster results.

are aligned with the company.

feel welcome.

are happier.

reduce company costs.

are more productive.

are aligned with company culture.

are aware of their performance.

are aligned with their role.

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The Onboarding Model

These six dimensions are key elements to create and
manage a structured onboarding process. The Onboarding Model is used to map the activities in the current onboarding process and also where an extra effort is needed.
  • Culture Cultural norms and values Company direction and strategy Formal and informal distribution of power
  • Rules Understanding the role and the expectations Systems and processes Internal and legal rules
  • Performance Prioritize tasks and goals Feeling of being valued Get sufficient feedback
  • Network Informal social relations Access to relevant information network Relation to key internal stakeholders
  • Competencies Company expressions and terminology Professional and personal development Knowledge of how the competencies are achieved
  • Collaboration Collaboration with the manager Collaboration with closest peers Contribution to the social work environment


Start measuring the effects of your onboarding efforts
using the six dimensions
Get started

Simple, easy, structured onboarding process

Improve your onboarding efficiency through a structured
process with three easy steps.

  1. Survey and
  2. Action plan and
  3. Organisational tracking
    and learning

Start your structured onboarding
process with Tracking

  • Survey
  • Report & Meeting
  • Action Plan

The report will pinpoint the biggest gaps in the onboarding experience so far, leaving the hiring manager with valuable insight. This supports her in facilitating a structured dialogue that results in defining a joint action plan.

The dialogue report serves as a tool for the manager in facilitating a dialogue with each new employee. The report shows both the employee’s and the manager’s scores across the six dimensions. A gap analysis and best practices will be given to the manager to ensure the dialogue is as effective as possible for both parties.

New employees and their managers rate the onboarding experience across six key dimensions - providing easy actionable insight.

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Invest in onboarding for a high return

By investing in onboarding you immediately add value to your new employees. A better onboarding will give your new employees a great experience as soon as they arrive. This helps to provide meaning with their job and add personal value. In the end it ensures a stronger commitment and a higher sense of loyalty.

Adding that kind of value to your employees will have a positive effect on your ability to retain, reduce the time-to-performance and help you save costs allocated to onboarding.

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Our products complement your onboarding process: Onboarding Review
provides your current onboarding status, while Tracking is a
tool to measure, support and improve your ongoing onboarding efforts.

Onboarding Review

Receive a summary of your current onboarding performance across the last 12 months, of all new employees, across the entire organization. Data analysis provides valuable insight into potential focus areas in your onboarding process for welcoming new hires in the future.



Support hiring managers in integrating new employees by collecting knowledge, best practices, and areas for improvement surrounding new hires’ ongoing onboarding experiences. Individual reports for each new employee will help the hiring manager facilitate a valuable dialogue with each new team member.



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