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What do you get with your Free Trial and how do you sign up.


What do you get


Our free trial will let you run one onboarding survey for one employee. You can choose to run a stand-alone employee survey or to also include a manager. Including a manager will provide you with a complete view of the employee onboarding since both will be asked to fill in the onboarding survey.

The survey consists of 24 questions addressing the six dimensions of our onboarding model. Each answer rates the onboarding experience on a scale from 1-7.

Once the survey is completed you will automatically receive a report which displays key measurement data of the onboarding process. We call this the Dialogue Report.

You can see an example of our Onboarding Dialogue Report here 

After receiving the report, you and/or the manager can then choose to invite the employee to an onboarding evaluation meeting where the Dialogue Report is meant to be used as a valuable input to evaluating the successes and potential areas of improvement during the first period of employment. The intention here is to address the needs, align expectations and agree on a set of actions towards an even better onboarding experience. By addressing potential pitfalls, the manager gets vital insights and knowledge about where to prioritize the ongoing onboarding efforts. This will help improve the retention rate, accelerate the time-to-performance and reduce the onboarding costs.



  • Click the "Sign up"-button beneath here and fill in your contact information. Then click "Get started"
  • Fill in the Name, Email and hire date of the new employee. (if you wish to include a manager in the onboarding, then fill in his/her Name and Email as well). 
  • Once you click “Onboard” an email with a survey-link will automatically be sent to the selected employee (and the manager, if that option has been chosen). Your name and contact information will be automatically included in the email signature.
  • If you select the option "CC on all e-mails" you will also receive a copy of the survey email(s). This allows you to view the communication that is sent to the employee. 
  • On completion, an Onboarding Dialogue Report will automatically be generated and sent to you and to the manager if a manager has been selected.


The Free Trial is a 3 step process (1. Survey -> 2. Report & Meeting -> 3. Action Plan) which we recommend to schedule after the first 30 days of employment. Continuing with Ongoing Dialogue gives you access to repeat this process up to three times (e.g. after 30, 90 and 180 days) with all new employees. That way, the manager will have a pre-scheduled, structured process in store every time a new employee starts.



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Happy Onboarding! Let us know if you have any questions